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Jiffy Steamer traces its roots back to 1940. Gone With The Wind was the movie and Frank Sinatra was the Voice. Franklin Delano Roosevelt was preparing to run for a third term. Most everyone of that era wore a hat. Stretching, shaping and blocking your fedora over a steaming kettle was common. This is where the idea was born -- a better way to steam hats "back into shape in a jiffy."

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The J2 Original Garment Steamer
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Shortly after 1940, the company was organized and the Jiffy Steamer Model J-1 was patented. Jiffy Steamer knew the invention was good for more than steaming hats, so a hose attachment and steam head were added. The new Jiffy Steamer offered a revolutionary solution to an age-old problem of the clothing industry ... removing wrinkles efficiently.

Today, three generations are involved in this closely-held company. Jiffy Steamer Company, LLC is known around the globe (over 45 foreign markets) and is backed by over 1,000 dealers in the United States alone. The dozens of Jiffy Steamer models can be found almost everywhere-from the commercial garment trade, to residential markets, in the pages of high-end mail order catalogs, in businesses that cater to the travel industry as well as in other specialty markets. The history of the Jiffy Steamer is filled with the promise and desire to harness the power and magic of steam.

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