LauraStar Professional Irons & Boards For The Home

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LauraStar Professional Irons & Boards For The Home

Laurastar Automatic Steam Laurastar Active Ironing Board

Laurastar is the industry leader in high performance, top quality ironing systems.

Discover a new way of ironing. With LauraStar, ironing becomes a pleasure: perfect ironing results every time for every garment!

In 1986, LauraStar invented and launched the first integrated professional ironing system for home use. Since then, over a million households worldwide daily enjoy the advantages of quality pressing previously reserved for dry-cleaners. Laurastar innovations have been at the front of the technological revolution in home pressing systems.

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Unique Laurastar Features

High Pressure Steam
All Laurastar products have pressurized steam which guarantees excellent ironing quality from beginning to end. The steam is heated twice for extra strength to penetrate deeply into fibres and instantly eliminate the most stubborn creases.
CLiiCK Automatic Steam
The patented CLiiCK system produces steam with a slight movement of your wrist as the iron moves forward. The steam stops when the iron is halted or moved backward. No more button-pushing for steam!
MAGiiC Active Table
The patented MAGiiC active board has a two-speed, silent blower vacuum system that prevents creases and seam marking more effectively. It also dries the fabric quickly.
Integrated Ventilation
Laurastar ironing boards have an integrated vacuum and blower system to prevent creases and eliminate seam marks. It is controlled automatically on the Magic i-S6 and Magic i-S5.
Almond Shaped Soleplate
The patented soleplate has a rounded shape that makes it possible to iron in any direction without creasing. The patented design performs three ironing steps in one pass.
a) heating the fabric.
b) smoothing the fabric.
c) cooling the fabric.
Fibers are fixed in a single movement for a lasting result.
Any Material, Any Garment
An additional soft pressing soleplate is available for use with delicate materials such as silk, angora, velvet and garments with appliques. It keeps dark garments from becoming shiny.

Laurastar Features At A Glance

  • Fast heating
  • Automatic vacuum / blower
  • Glides on a cushion of steam
  • Ergonomic iron & handle
  • Multi directional soleplate
  • Contemporary design
  • Single control for all functions
  • Exclusive rinsing system
  • Automatic steam
  • Integrated filter
  • Intuitive opening / closing of the ironing board
  • Integrated wheels
Intuitive CLiiCK Automatic Steam Active MAGiiC Table Patented Soleplate